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    Technical Services

    Spyware , Virus

    Q: What's a typical PC repair call?    

    A: For us to come out and repair your machine, it typically costs less than if you take it in for

    repairs.  We can repair your machine (laptop, pc, tablet, phone), instruct you as to what happened, and teach you whatever you need to learn. Most of the time in less than an hour. If more time is needed, for a reasonable fee we will spend as much time as you need to fix, teach you,  or instruct on any new software installed.  If you are a company, we can discuss a flat rate or hourly rate and estimate the time to complete the repair(s).

    Q: Repair price, how much does it cost?    

    A: If you call us and explain the situation with your machine, if it looks to be a quick repair, the

    cost will be very reasonable.  We can discuss an hourly or flat rate,  and we educate you while we are there.  Price range is Low to "reasonable" given the circumstance.

    If you have extensive repairs, you won't be charged, and

    we will offer you the most reasonable and cost effective solution for your problem.

    Q: Any other Services ?    

    A: Yes, we offer Electronic Repair on various Home and Electronic devices which are either damaged, or need configuration. Tools are brought to each job for special repairs just in case. Same Cost Per Hour if using an hourly rate, or flat fee can be negotiated for a given repair.

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