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    Technical Services

    Spyware, Virus


    PC repair and upgrades can be picked up or we come to you.  Service ALL


    Laptops, Desktops, Anything Computerized, Tablets, Cell Phones, Devices

    Contact us if you are having any of the following issues.

    • Cable, Wifi Hotspots, FIOS, Cell Company Internet
    • Spyware and Adware Removal
    • Virus Detection & Removal
    • Computer not Turning on or any Device not working
    • System Hardware and Software or Operating System Upgrades
    • Data Recovery, Many types, Hard drives, SSD, Micro Sd, SD, Thumb Drives
    • Preventative Maintenance, cleaning for heat reduction leading to system failure
    • Memory Upgrades, 
    • Desktop Upgrades, Refurbish Cleaning and Heatsink Rework, Ram, SSD, CPU
    • Imaging old disk hard drive to new SSD for Great performance Upgrade
    • Laptop teardows for refurbishing (cleaning, heat sink, cooling system)
    • Network and Local Printer Repairs / Configuration, Corporate Copier Setups

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